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The antiqued redstone terracotta dish plant pot with pie crust rim is an eye-catching, uniquely styled pot that adds an authentic touch to your green spaces.  It fits perfectly on windowsills, tabletops, and other limited space areas. This handcrafted pot sports a stunning aged finish, exuding a rustic charm reminiscent of the old-world appeal. This pot perfectly balances functionality and aesthetic, making it a valuable addition to your home or garden. It is spacious enough to house a variety of plants and succulents, making it a fantastic choice for green thumbs and garden enthusiasts. A fantastic choice for giving your beloved plants a beautiful, rustic home!

Note: Given the aging finish and terracotta construction, slight variations in colour and texture can be expected – each piece is unique and adds to the charm. Get this Redstone Terracotta Plant Pot with Pie Crust Rim today, and give your plants a timeless and tasteful home.

Dimensions: W: 25cm x H: 9cm

Antiqued Redstone Terracotta Dish Plant Pot

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