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This beautifully designed green rustic bulb planter Ophelia is a piece of art in itself. Exhibiting a rustic charm, it’s made with elegantly shaped ceramics, giving it an enduring and versatile style. This bulb planter carries an eye-catching glazed teal colour which instantly grabs attention and makes it a striking element in any setting.

Adorned with an intricate flower design, this planter showcases the beauty and appeal of meticulous handcrafting. The flower patterns are artistically arranged to deliver a rich, ornate visual effect.

The dimensions of this bulb planter are 26x26x11cm, making it an ideal size for most bulbs. Whether used indoors or outdoors, it is sure to bring a dash of class to your garden, porch, or living room. Grow your favourite bulbs in it or use it as a decorative item, this planter will never fail to enhance the aesthetics of your space.

Dimensions: L: 26cm x W: 26cm x H: 11cm

Green Rustic Bulb Planter Ophelia

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