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Bring natural beauty and a hint of colour to your outdoor space with this green rustic planter Ophelia. Boasting an elegantly curved shape, it exudes a vintage charm that adds character to any garden or patio.

Each planter features an intricate flower design, painted in a vibrant teal colour, for a sophisticated touch. The planter is then finished with a shiny glaze to enhance the vibrancy of the colour and protect the intricate details.

This elegant piece is available in three different sizes, all suitable for outdoor use. Choose the perfect size to complement your chosen plant. The large planter is ideal for bold, leafy plants, while the smaller options are perfect for dainty flowers or succulents.

Its thick terracotta material offers excellent durability and weather resistance. Therefore, it can comfortably endure exposure to outdoor elements and resist the wear and tear from constant watering and growing plants. It is sturdy and designed to maintain its good looks through many seasons.

Create an exquisite outdoor display with this rustic and elegantly shaped terracotta planter, a versatile addition to your garden décor that complements any setting. Whether grouped together or used separately, these planters will certainly add a vibrant touch to your outdoor space.

Dimensions: L: 22cm x W: 22cm x H: 18cm

Green Rustic Planter Ophelia

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